About Us

Miss Teen of the Universe is an international teen pageant that showcases the talents, intelligence, and beauty of young women from around the world. This prestigious competition is specifically designed for participants aged 14 to 19 years, providing them with an opportunity to represent their countries and make a positive impact on a global scale.

The pageant aims to empower young women by fostering self-confidence, leadership skills, and cultural awareness. It encourages participants to excel in various areas, including academics, public speaking, talent performances, and community service. By emphasizing personal growth and development, Miss Teen of the Universe seeks to create well-rounded individuals who can inspire others and contribute to society.

Contestants in Miss Teen of the Universe not only compete for the coveted title but also strive to become role models and ambassadors for their respective countries. The pageant promotes cultural exchange and international understanding, allowing participants to learn from one another’s diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Throughout the competition, contestants undergo rigorous training and mentoring to enhance their skills and prepare them for the challenges ahead. This includes runway coaching, interview preparation, talent development, and etiquette training. They are encouraged to embrace their individuality and express their unique personalities while upholding the values of grace, poise, and integrity.

The grand finale of Miss Teen of the Universe features a spectacular showcase where contestants demonstrate their talents, grace, and intelligence.


Miss Teen of the Universe, founded in 2023 by Director Sourav Anand and Managing Director Akanksha, is a highly anticipated international pageant for teenagers. This prestigious event is owned and organized by StarEP Business India Private Limited, a renowned company with a successful track record of hosting pageants in India since 2018.

With a commitment to promoting beauty, talent, and confidence, Miss Teen of the Universe provides a platform for young participants to showcase their skills on a global stage. It is an exciting opportunity for teenagers from around the world to come together and celebrate diversity, creativity, and excellence.

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